BOLD: Whitewash, Calidris canutus
(Red Knot)


Alan Baker, PhD
Senior Curator of Ornithology,
Royal Ontario Museum

Red knots are marathon migrators that breed in the high Arctic circumpolar deserts and navigate along great flyways of the world to wintering sites as far south as Tierra del Fuego, Australia, New Zealand, and West Africa. These magnificent birds have evolved wondrous adaptations for their world travels: physiology that allows them to double their body mass in 2-3 weeks given plentiful food supplies at rare stopover sites, nonstop flights of up to 8,000 km without sleeping, eating or drinking for up to 8 days, and ability to increase the size of exercise organs (heart and breast muscle) and atrophy nutritional organs (stomach, liver, intestines) to reduce mass before long flights. One famous bird, carrying an orange flag from Argentina inscribed with the code B95 is still alive 18 years after he was first captured. In this time he is estimated to have flown well over 400,000 km, greater than the distance to the moon. B95 and his flockmates around the world are threatened increasingly by Government sanctioned destruction of their intertidal refueling sites by human activities, and the actions of conservation agencies and international appeals for protection of these key sites have fallen on deaf ears in most countries, whitewashed and buried. Many other migratory shorebirds including rare and endangered species like the spoonbill sandpiper and Nordmann’s greenshank using these stopover sites are also declining and face extinction within our lifetime.

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Opening May 22, 2014
Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery
Delgado Community College, City Park Campus
Building 1, Third Floor
615 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119

Exhibit dates are May 22 - August 28, 2014
There will be a closing reception and artist talk on August 28, 5 - 7 p.m.

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Original exhibition curated by David Francis
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA