17th Annual Art Marathon & Auction: David Francis

Duty Free
"Duty Free", Mixed Media (Cigarette Butts), 24" x 36"

Duty Free
"Duty Free" (detail)

"DF 09", Ready Made (Street Sign), 18" x 24"

Driftwood Assemblage VI
"Driftwood Assemblage VI", Mixed Media (Driftwood), 15.5" x11.625" x 1.25"

Driftwood Assemblage VII
"Driftwood Assemblage VII", Mixed Media (Driftwood), 21.75" x 11.375" x 1"

Collect Them All
"Collect Them All", Plastic Drug Baggies, 11.75" x 14.75"

Migration (Mixed Flock)
"Migration (Mixed Flock)", Mixed Media (Bird Skulls), 10.625" x 3.5" (box)

Box Assemblage with Fish Tube
"Box Assemblage with Fish Tube", Mixed Media, LED Light, 11.325" x 11" x 4.75"

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