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2012 CoCA Annual
Juried by MK Guth

O n Saturday, December 29, 2013, at the show's opening a CoCA's Georgeown Galley, CoCA 2012 Annual Juror MK Guth announced that she has split the first and second prizes (totaling $750) into three equal parts and awarded them to the following artists/artworks:

Justin Mata, Seattle, WA
"Wheels Wallpaper" 8' x 8' x 4', acrylic medium photo transfer hung on screws on wall painted black, 2012

Sean Healy, Portland, OR
"Pissholes in the Snow",54 x 60 x 5", cigarettes, acrylic, wood, concrete, 2012. Courtesy of the Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Eugenia Pardue, Portland, OR
"Sentinel" Sculpted Acrylic on Paint Panel",36'x36", 2011
"Cascading Coronal" Sculpted Acrylic Paint on Panel 48" x40", 2011

Honorable Mentions, carrying a prize of $50 each were awarded to:

Anne Baumgartner, Los Angeles, CA
"Personification 1", 43" x 10" x 16". Cardboard with newsprint, paper tape, sumi ink, archival glue. 2012
"Alliteration", 43" x 10" x 16". Cardboard with newsprint, paper tape, sumi ink, archival glue. 2012

Kahori Kamiya, Jersey City, NJ
"G8 Conductor", video, 3:03 minutes, 2011

A final Honorable mention went to the following artist, which included an offer of a solo show at CoCA's Belltown Gallery, to be mounted within the next few weeks:

Ben Buswell, Portland, OR
"Untitled (Lacan)", 2"x 40"x30", Mirrorglass, 2011

Finalist with work represented in the exhibition include Eric Souther, South Bend, IN; Kahori Kamiya, Jersey City, NJ; Eugenia Pardue, Portland, OR; Jane Schiffhauer, Portland, OR; Sean Healy, Portland, OR; Cecy Colichon, Portland, OR; TJ Norris, Portland, OR; Marc Leone, Cincinati, OH; Erin Dengerink, Vancouver, WA; Chris Shofner, Stevens Point, WI; Aaliyah Gupta, Seattle, WA; Ben Buswell, Portland, OR; Tracey Cockrell, Portland, OR; Janet Lucroy, San Rafael, CA; Kathryn Cellerini Moore, Salem, OR; Takahiro Yamamoto, Portland, OR; Ralph Pugay, Portland, OR; Isabella Leary, Seattle, WA; Anne Baumgartner, Los Angeles, CA; Nicole Penoncello, Portland, OR; Ingrid Lahti, Mercer Island, WA; Justin Mata, Seattle, WA; Lydia Rosenberg, Portland, OR; Patrick Driscoll, Portland, OR; Wei Hsueh, Portland, OR; Brandon Aleson, Seattle, WA; Victoria Reynolds, Portland, OR; Joseph Keehn II, Kansas City, MO; Jodie Cavalier, Portland, OR; Wendy Given, Portland, OR; Heather Watkins, Portland, OR; Molly Dillworth, New York, NY.

The CoCA Georgetown Gallery is located in Suite 258 of Seattle Design Center at 5701 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, and is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5 pm. Work is on display through March 6, 2013

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In My Backyard
a lab residency by Garrick Imatani

In My Backyard uses the fieldwork materials and processing workspace of Willamette Cultural Resources, an archaeological research organization, as a site to produce a series of public projects on memory and the use of public space. In My Backyard is open to the public Monday-Friday from 12-4pm or by appointment.

At Willamette Cultural Resources
623 SE Mill St, Portland 97214
Free admission and drinks


Kristin Calhoun, Public Art Manager for the Regional Arts & Culture Council, will speak about Creative Bureaucracy – It Doesn’t Have To Be An Oxymoron. She will highlight examples of how RACC has worked on behalf of artists to get to “yes” on projects, bringing them to life when codes or regulations would have more likely led to “no.”

Elliott Young, Associate Professor of Latin American and Borderlands History at Lewis & Clark College, will discuss the Sobre el Muro (On the Wall) exhibit that was part of Havana’s 11th Biennial this past spring. Sobre el Muro was a series of installations on Havana’s Malecón (boardwalk) designed to bring art outside of the gallery space and to a wider public. Young will address the political implications of public art in Cuba’s 21st century version of tropical socialism.

Blair Woodard, Assistant Professor of Latin American History at University of Portland, will present In the Interest of Protest: Cuban Public Protest and the U.S. Interest Section in Havana, 1976-2008. Drawing a lineage from Carter to the billboard wars of the Bush administration, Woodard will look at the transformation of a standard sign into a site of permanent public protest.

In My Backyard is made possible through the support of CoCA Seattle, Willamette Cultural Resources, Lewis & Clark College, Regional Arts & Culture Council, and Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe.

For more information on a residency at KUNSTKAMMER PDX, please contact CoCA and/or:
Willamette Cultural Resources
Phone: 503.281.4576
Email: info@willamettecra.com

The exhibit is on view M-F, 10am - 4pm.( http://willamettecra.com/). Interested artists may submit at http://www.cocaseattle.org/submission.php (specify Kunstkammer PDX).

#TRACKSTARS empty ritual

#TRACKSTARS empty ritual

Opened Tuesday, September 18, 2012
CoCA Belltown Gallery
On display through 2012

From the artists:

The preparation with anticipation to a monumental event, summon the inner majestic dream. This spell will burn memories into the abyss. All that's left is faded pictures and smoke.

#TRACKSTARS take a look at a shiny gold framed family portrait that hangs in a quiet Spotless home, everyone is in their best dress, a picture of unity and devotion.

Using repurposed wood, latex paint, MDF and a pencil., #TRACKSTARS unveil a more real look at what should hang in the empty home. A set of work that is loose, unfinished, and rough with potential. Three portraits of various stages in the ritual from naive beginning to deflated truth.

CoCA Belltown Gallery is 'open' 24/7. 2721 First Avenue (First and Clay) on the Clay side of the building.

In January, #TRACKSTARS will present "Dangerous Times" at Bherd Studios.

Mr. Robot Did A No No: Jody Joldersma
Mr. Robot Did A No No
- Jody Joldersma

Harvest Moon: Joldersma, Bickley & Fitzgerald

Jody Joldersma, Flynn Bickley, Aidan Fitzgerald

Artists' Reception
Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 6pm - 9pm

CoCA Ballard/Shilshole Bay Beach Club
6413 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Show runs: October 10 – November 11, 2012

Alive, Dead
- Tracy Powell

Alive, Dead: 28 artists' interpretations
Artists' Reception Thursday, November 1, 5-11pm.

CoCA Georgetown Gallery at Seattle Design Center.

This exhibition is curated by Lucy Mae Martin, who has owned & operated her father's headstone business for the last 6 years.

Participating artists include Kathleen Faulkner, Todd Horton, Charles Krafft, Kris Ekstrand Molesworth, Allen Moe, Theodora Jonsson, Patty Detzer, David Cassera, Joel Brock, James Reisen, Katherine Woelke, Paul Foertsch, Jack Gunter, Sarah Detzer, Kelly Fleek, Eve McCauley, Andrew Vallee, Elias Hansen, Tracy Powell, Mike Phifer, Lindsay Kohles, David Blakesley, David C. Kane, Jessica Lynn Bonin, Thomas Wood, Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen, Mark Kemble, Michael Wirth.

Work on display through December 14, 2012

You Will Get Through: an installation by Jeff Gerber

You Will Get Through
An Installation by Jeff Gerber

Artist's Reception Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 7pm-9pm
CoCA Belltown Gallery

On display through June 17, 2012

Gerber creates work in surrogate spaces while on the road. Hotel rooms and burnt-out parts of the city have become his studio. While he does not consider himself a street artist, he sees the street as art and uses punk, metal and all-out noise influence to bring these elements together. By highlighting urban objects that evoke security and restraint (such as a fence, the net of a basketball hoop, a confessional), Gerber re-contextualizes them and introduces an element of ambiguity. You Will Get Through is a site-specific installation that explores "the path from obscurity into manifestation," a concept Gerber appropriates from feng shui. The three different groupings explore the prepositions "Over," "Through," and "Within" as a means of expressing spatial relationships as they occur in urban environments cluttered with barriers, dead-ends, and cul-de-sacs.

Gerber fabricates "barriers", renders portraits on glass bottles with a painterly hand, and links repeated patterns through out the exhibition. PORTAL, for example, references to the iconic basketball hoop and explores the prepositions "Over," "Through," and "Within" with emotional and metaphorical relationships.

CoCA Belltown windows are 'open' 24/7. The site is located in Seattle, WA, US at 2721 First Avenue (First and Clay) on the Clay side of the building.

Bird Moon: Nichole DeMent
Bird Moon
- Nichole DeMent

Show Us Yours: 2012 CoCA Members' Show
Artists' Reception Friday, November 30. 6-9pm

Since its inception, CoCA has been an artist-centric organization - by artists, for artists. Our by-laws dictate that we have a stated percentage of "working artists" on our board, and our membership reflects this history, as well.

Every so often, as both a benefit for existing members and as a way to attract new members, CoCA asks our members to show their own work at our gallery. This show includes the work of more than thirty members, new and existing, who responded to the call.

Members exhibiting include June Olson, Dave Francis, Tristen Wuori, Jennifer Loomis, Reginald Brooks, Sarah Lavin, Dayton Knipher, Momoko Sudo, John Smither, Ray Schutte, Dara Solliday, Babs Fulton, Anne Marie McNamara, Mark Lubich, Anna Macrae, Kathy Liao, Karen Hackenberg, Seiko Purdue, Terra Holcomb, Suzanne Tidwell, Joseph Lavely, Aaron Haba, Philip Donahue, Nichole DeMent, Laurie Fronek, Vance Balter, Sara Everett, Fox Spears, Brenda L. Scallon, Roy Powell, Peppé, and Ray C. Freeman III.

The CoCA Georgetown Gallery is located in Suite 258 of Seattle Design Center at 5701 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, and is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5 pm. Work is on display through October 25, 2012

Kevin Bell

Across the Divide IV: The New Boondocks
Artists' Reception Friday, July 27. 6-9pm

Since 2009, Seattle-based CoCA has explored the concept of exchanging artwork with contemporary art organizations, collectives, and art departments east of the Cascade Mountains in the interior west with their series Across the Divide.

For the fourth incarnation of the series, "The New Boondocks", CoCA will feature the work of 6 artists working in Montana alongside a group of 8 artists selected from the west side of the Cascades. The Exhibition addresses the proposition that the postmodern environment has spread into the rural landscape to the point where the art of the rural/ suburban/urban landscapes are indistinguishable.

Montana Artists include Brad Allen, Nicole Pietrantoni, Matt Hamon, Edgar Smith, and Kevin Bell. West side artists include Natalie Niblack, Janet Fagen, Gary Berg , Rodrigo Valenzuela, Lily Martina Lee, Zack Bent, Aaron Haba, and Libby Gerber

The CoCA Georgetown Gallery is located in Suite 258 of Seattle Design Center at 5701 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, and is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5 pm.

Dick Matthies: Nearly Plein Air 7
Nearly Plein Air 7
- Dick Matthies

Organic Painting
Dick Matthies & James Weed
Artists' Reception
Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 6pm - 9pm
CoCA Ballard/Shilshole Bay Beach Club
6413 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

This exhibit appears to juxtapose two sides of a Japanese aesthetic; yet it is unclear whether the Japanese influences are intentional . Dick Matthies' sensitive, Zen influenced watercolors on paper evoke wabi (transient and stark beauty), wabi-sabi (imperfect, impermanent and incomplete beauty) or yugen (profound grace and subtlety). In stark contrast, James Weed's bold, anime influenced works on canvas cunningly evoke manga (comics). Weed uses this playful, non-threatening style to comment on the inelegant underbelly of food production systems that feed our obese society. After a lifetime of observing and rebelling against established traditions, Matthies says "my art making practice became very private, a form of Zen meditation. I would hope my art could illustrate an organic stream of consciousness that links abstraction and nature". This exhibit presents a selection of Matthies' "nearly plain air" series of watercolor and acrylic works on paper. Weed says "my paintings allude to factory farmed and animal testing imagery, or to the conditions of visual thinking that those institutions have created and how they affect the practice of painting."

Show runs: August 14 – September 23, 2012

Laurel Kam: Visual Cues

Laurel Kam: Visual Cues

Artist Reception
Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 6pm - 9pm
CoCA Ballard/Shilshole Bay Beach Club
6413 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Artist's Statement:
I am interested in exploring how visual information is used to form a person's identity. My work is a reaction to our culture's obsession with categorizing people based on appearance . Approaching my portraits is like approaching an actual person. As you come closer, they reveal them selves to be more multi-dimensional and complex than previously assumed.

I perforate patterns or layer fabric onto the portraits to draw attention to the way we use visual cues to create a person's identity. The pattern is a signifier; viewers must look through the pattern to see the portrait. Patterns carry history and personal associations that control how they are viewed, in turn controlling how the person is perceived.

I never questioned my heritage growing up. My family had come from different countries, just like everyone else. It wasn't until college that I began feeling constantly questioned what race I was. It surprised me because I never felt like I looked different-I just felt like myself. What surprised me even more was the answer people expected. If I told them I was German, but didn't mention I was also Chinese, they wouldn't believe me. It was difficult for me to see in myself what others found so visible. As my identity was questioned, I became increasingly aware of the social binaries we construct and our preconceived expectations.

The camera, patterns and fabric hide and reveal the person. The images act as a prominent visual indication of the limited scope of a judgment based on an outward persona.

Image shown: Peek-a-boo, 16” x 20” x 2”, archival pigment print & hand-dyed polyester, 2012

Show runs: June 9 - August 10, 2012

David Francis at Kunstammer PDX

Investigations in Composition, Collage, and Construction
by David Francis

at Willamette Cultural Resources
623 SE Mill St, Portland 97214

CoCA's partner for the project, Willamette Cultural Resources Associates ( http://willamettecra.com/), hosted a preliminary opening on January 14, 2012, with the work of John Brodie of Portland and David Francis of Seattle.

The exhibit is on view M-F, 10am - 4pm.( http://willamettecra.com/). Additional shows are planned for 2012, with the next opening in late April / early May. Interested artists may submit at http://www.cocaseattle.org/submission.php (specify Kunstkammer PDX).

Carrie Bodle: Wavelines
Carrie Bodle's installation at CoCA Georgetown Gallery (details)- photos by Cathy Edens on Opening Night

Carrie Bodle: Wavelines
Video and Sound Installation

May 18, 2012 through July 13, 2012

Bodle has created a new video and sound installation for CoCA based on two previous works Sewing Sonification (2009) and Waveforms (2010). Both projects use data from ecosystem models along the Washington Coast to create a tangible experience of research through art. In the 4000 sq. ft. space, a six-channel video installation layers five dimensions of oceanographic data on large semi-transparent textile screens while a five-channel sonification engages viewers/listeners to consider the underlying systems of data. In the window gallery, Bodle displays her Sewing Sonifications work where sound is translated from data, then visualized and made tactile by the artist stitching the sound waves by a computer to embroidery machine interface. Also, a video grid of the sewing process captures the rhythm between fabric and thread.

Read a little about Carrie's installation (and more about CoCA's new Georgetown Gallery) in the June issue of City Arts Magazine.

The CoCA Georgetown Gallery is located in Suite 258 of Seattle Design Center at 5701 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, and is open Monday through Friday 9am to 5 pm, except Memorial Day, May 28, and Independence Day, July 4.

For more information on the artist, visit her website at http://www.carriebodle.com.

Bob Jordan, Egyptian Kit, mixed media construction and resin, 2000; Mariko Marrs, Milky, Mixed media construction and resin, 2005


Resin, Drawings and Paintings

Artist reception
Reception Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 6pm - 9pm

REFLECTIONS covers more than a decade and consists of 4 bodies of work, including Marrs’s paintings and Jordan’s drawings, as well as both artists’ multimedia resin boxes. Sharing complimentary traits, the pieces lightly play off one another. Graphic detail and precision offset dreamlike elements emerging from their work. Shimmering, repeated images and objects are: colorful pills, icons, representational imagery, toys, and black and white portraiture. For Marrs and Jordan, these resin-filled boxes explore the world of isolated objects and capture an extended moment, creating the sense that it will be preserved forever.

Show runs: May 7 - June 10, 2012
CoCA Ballard/Shilshole Bay Beach Club

Miguel Edwards: Penumbra

Penumbra: Miguel Edwards

CoCA Belltown Gallery
On display through April 5, 2012

Miguel Edwards has created a site-specific piece called Penumbra, which is about the interplay of light: how it reflects, transitions, mixes, and transforms. This piece is a multi-layered installation of hand formed plastic sculptures which will reflect lights of various colors in carefully considered and very specific ways. The curves create transitions of tone and color from the multicolored LEDs shining and mixing on them. Lights from different angles fill in the shadows in other colors making graphic counterpoints to the objects themselves. These lightweight white sculptural elements are placed on mirrors resting on the floor and various elevated surfaces, as well as hung from a grid in the ceiling. Additional monitors, LED panels, edges of mirror, and various other evidence of the process and materials used draw the viewer in. This piece is dynamic and engaging day or night.

CoCA Belltown windows are 'open' 24/7. The site is located in Seattle, WA, US at 2721 First Avenue (First and Clay) on the Clay side of the building.

Intruder #1

They've Released the INTRUDER
An Exhibit of Seattle's Latest Underground Comic Art

Release party/artist reception
Thursday, March 29, 2012 (6pm-9pm)

Show runs: March 29 - May 6, 2012

11 Seattle cartoonist and designers present the release of Seattle's first all comic and art newspaper "INTRUDER".

The show includes original art from the paper along side artwork and comics that lead up to it's inception by artists Nikki Burch, Max Clotfelter, Aidan Fitzgerald, Billis Helg, Ben Horak, Alexa Kristine Koenings, Jason T. Miles, Tim Miller, Marc J Palm, Tony Ong, and Tom Van Deusen.