Linescape: Five Environments for Performance

Linescape is a multidisciplinary exhibition by visual artists, performers and musicians and points in between. An ensemble of installations by five visual artists will be the setting for a transformative series of events.

dk pan, installation
dk pan, installation


A world examining line by visual artists Stefanie Ashby diRicco (string sculpture + reticulation), Laura Corsiglia (vellum ink + stretch paint), Tim Cross (paint + linked drawing), dk pan (salt and shadow), and Ishan Vernallis (viewpoint video). Five distinct visual art spaces are linked by actual lines and metaphorical ones. The Nugget, a small room in the center of the gallery, houses a condensed-space collaboration between the artists, working outside their usual media.


An inspired selection of performance artists and musicians partner in responding to a specific visual art scape in a series of exquisite corpse style performances. Includes such outsanding artists as musicians Paul Rucker, Bill Horist, Nequaquam Vacuum, and dancers Sheri Brown, Maureen Freehill, Tonya Lockyer, Ques Todd Oumi, Amelia Reeber, and Alan Sutherland. Dance, poetry, music, eruption, encouter, happening: from butoh to break, harp to prepared guitar, performers address and concentrate line.

Co-curated by Sheri Brown and Laura Corsiglia